The refuge


Mountainous Alternative Activities

Location:  Κaramanoli Plateau

Μountain massif: Voutsikaki

Municipality: L.Plastira

Geographic coordinates: Latitude: 39° 16′ 44″   Longitude: 21° 40′ 58″

Vlasis Papathomas – Eirini Pappa

Tel: 6988586292 , 6989802742

About the refuge

Agrafa Mountaineering Refuge is located at an altitude of 1536 meters, in the area of ​​”Karamanoli” Neraida, Municipality of Plastira Lake (NE Nevropoli Agrafa Municipality) (now Municipality of Plastira Lake), in Karditsa Prefecture. It is a two-storey stone building constructed by the EOT Tourism – Culture Operational Program.

The refuge has magnificent views of Lake N. Plastira, and its location is the starting point for most hiking trails in the Agrafa mountain range.

It offers basic amenities (central heating, fireplace, bunk beds, rugs, kitchen, toilet, dining and cooking facilities), comfortable dining area and can accommodate up to 24 people.

It is about 6 km from Neraida.

Brief history:

The new mountaineering shelter of Agrafa was created in 2002 in the area of ​​Karamanoli (above the settlement Neraida) of the Municipality of Nevropoli in Agrafa (now Lake Plastira Municipality), at an altitude of 1536 meters.

It was built through EOT funding with the sponsor VELOS SA, the headquarters of Karditsa Prefecture and ANKA. SA according to the programming contract between 31/12/1999. The project has been integrated into Measure 1.2 “Mountain, Ecological, Cultural and Therapeutic Tourism” of the EOT’s Operational Program “Tourism – Culture”, entitled “Trails – Mountaineering Shelters in Agrafa Region”.

The project includes in addition to the shelter a network of trails starting from the shelter that cover the entire surrounding mountainous area. The trails were marked with different sizes and information plates and were equipped with tablecloths, gazebos, benches, and where needed were drilled, cleaned and paved. Greek mountaineering club Karditsa undertakes the task of marking the trails

Also on the shelter’s property are mountaineering rescue equipment, catering equipment and a snowmobile.

A few meters from the shelter there is a ski slope with a small lift and a snow slider, which is owned by the Nevropolis Municipality of Agrafa (now Plastira Lake Municipality).

The area where the refuge is built is included in the National Catalog of Natura 2000 Integrated Areas under the name ‘Agrafa’ and code GR 1410002, designated as a mild ecotourism development area.

In 2004 the Panhellenic Mountaineering Club meeting was held in the refuge, and in general the refuge is known to the wider mountaineering community and receives a large number of mountaineers.